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Summer Special Offer

Hi, I’m Maxim from the coMra Support Team. I am writing to you about Our Summer Special Offer, to help get you started with coMra.

You have already checked out our websites for plenty of case reports, testimonials, webinars, articles about coMra therapy.

There are so many benefits to this amazing technology, so I have summarized here my top reasons why you should buy the coMra Palm

Reason #1: coMra is Effective

You will achieve health results that you were not able to achieve before – help with long-standing pain, regenerate nerve and other tissues, rebalance your immune system. In other words, go a long way towards deeper healing and recovery.

Reason #2: coMra is Universal

You can treat multiple conditions with one solution. Because coMra enables cells to regenerate themselves, conditions such as arthritis can be treated at the same time as back pain or nerve pain. Knowing that they have a solution in your hand brings coMra users 24/7 peace of mind.

Reason #3: coMra is Safe

With its unique combination of radiances, the Palm is probably the safest device on the market, it has fewer contraindications, you can safely treat conditions that are not yet fully diagnosed. No need to worry about side-effects.

Reason #4: coMra is Economical

You will achieve up to 15 years of usage with a single investment. No extra consumables to buy, no extra consultation fees or per treatment fees. Compare this with an average, e.g. opiod treatment cost, that needs at least $5K every year with no chance for recovery, till the end of your life.

Reason #5. coMra is User friendly

Most comprehensive and simple to use User Guide with 200+ treatment protocols available for free as print quality PDF or App.

Reason #6: coMra is Affordable

The average price for this category of devices is around $5-7K per device. Our flagship professional coMra Delta 905nm complete set stands at very competitive $5.4K

While the coMra Palm at $399 is the best entry-level solution with the most a!ordable price on the market.

Reason #7: coMra has Best Support

You get free access to our uniquely-developed Social Support Platform with an Active Community of coMra users and practitioners, large Database of case reports for various conditions, Healing guidance, our coMra Academy for courses and books and more.

What’s more? Our Special Offer!

This summer 2020 we’re offering you 10% discount on every coMra Palm purchase, plus a free pilot run sample of our EMF protection technology featured in our latest coMra Wave product line worth at least $40.

You save and you also benefit from EMF protection. Complete your name and email below, and we will send you a Coupon code for this purchase.

*Offer is limited to coMra Wave pilot run stock available, so get a Coupon for yourself now!