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Ebook — Health & Holism in the 21st Century


In this book we are going to look at these two major areas; food and health, in detail, and we are going to learn in a practical way what we can do about becoming much more self-sufficient with respect to these two vital aspects of our lives.

Example chapters:

Chapter 1. Food & Diet
Chapter 5. Diseases & Their Causes
Chapter 9. Tinctures & Teas
Chapter 12. Ointments & Oils
Chapter 15. Common Herbs & Their Uses
Chapter 19. Your Own Home Products





Health & Holism in the 21st Century is Théun’s last book. It was written during the time when Théun was establishing Radiant Life Technologies and incorporating principles of healing for the development of coMra-Therapy. It was therefore decided to wait until coMra-Therapy had been established, before publishing Health & Holism. An important aspect of both these endeavours relates to self-sufficiency and providing a framework through which people can learn to empower themselves.

Through learning to empower ourselves and by consequently uplifting ourselves, we also uplift those around us by virtue of the interrelationship of all of life.

As Théun explains; “Holism means that the well-being, the prosperity and the happiness of the individual is dependent upon his or her ability to see that all of life is thoroughly and completely interrelated, interactive and therefore also interdependent.”