coMra Palm


A simple and effective personal device for your health needs, based on established medical technology. Relieves pain, repairs injured tissue and nerves, restores vitality and stamina.

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The geometric design of the coMra Palm has been developed to provide maximum “stickiness” or “cling to the skin”, ensuring effortless control during long treatment times, or for hands-free application (e.g. “wedged” between the insides of a bent elbow or knee, or when resting between cheek/jaw and collar bone).

Buttons made from soft silicone give a tactile feel, and thus a distinct difference between materials when using the hand to “feel one’s way” over the Palm, which all aids in non-visual operation for quicker/easier application of repetitive treatment points.

Visual and audio feedback via LED display areas and button/operational tones, ensure that you are aware of the correct frequency and timing. 1 hour fast charging comes via a Micro USB port on the rear of the device.

It`s easy to use and ready to go right out of the box. Just follow steps in the coMra user guide. In the box there’s a USB cable to recharge your coMra Palm*, giving you 30 minutes of daily treatment, for up to 10 days.


*coMra Therapy was first introduced to the market in 2010. Since that time we have completed many upgrades and improvements to our products. coMra Palm is the most affordable and simple to use coMra Therapy device to date. If you are looking for a professional grade Delta series device, our top line devices could be found in Radiant Life Technologies Webshop.

Technical specifications

• Infrared laser – 980 nm wavelength, 5 mW (max) optical power • Colour LEDs – 650 nm red, 420 nm Indigo/violet, 570 nm yellow/green • internal magnets – permanent magnetic field 30 mT (max) • Micro USB charging port (USB cable included) • Rechargeable battery – 450 mAh (lithium ion), compatible with most recent safety requirements • ON/OFF switch for zero battery drain


The basic price of the device of USD 399 includes free delivery which usually takes up to two weeks. Express delivery is possible to order for USD 20 on top of the basic price and takes up to 5 days. You can choose your preferred delivery time at the check-out.


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We offer no money back guarantee and returns for working device. Warranty is offered under following conditions: this product to be free from defects in design, material and workmanship at the time of its original purchase by a consumer and for a subsequent period of 18 months. This guarantee does not cover damage or defects caused by misuse or by failure to comply with the product’s user guide.